About GEM Vehicles

Driving The World of Mobility

Manufactured in Anaheim, California, GEM vehicles have been changing the way we think about EVs for 25 years. Far before “going electric” was a trend, GEM was introduced as a new vehicle that would drive the world of mobility into the future. The vehicle has evolved through several generations of engineering excellence, corporate acquisitions and consumer demands to result in a refined and trusted EV for many applications. Although our current GEM looks a little different than the original, the DNA remains the same: a forward-thinking vehicle with safety, sustainability and exceptional design at its core.

GEMs Help Solve Three Major Challenges in Transportation


Individuals, cities and organizations are taking pollution and sustainability seriously. Implementing carbon-neutrality goals, reframing stances on carbon footprints and launching legislation to counteract greenhouse gas emissions are all actions being taken in real time to combat pollution.


Traffic accidents are on the rise, due in part to congestion, speeding and mobile phone distraction. The relationship of speed to stopping power and reaction time all play into the safety equation. When you do the math, slower is safer. GEMs create a safe environment for pedestrians and vehicles to co-exist.


Families and organizations are looking for innovative ways to do more with less. Unlike full-size EV alternatives, GEMs are affordable and don’t require infrastructure changes. Cost prohibition is not a barrier to the positive impact GEMs can have when adopted at scale.

Charge on the Go and off the Grid

Extend your drive time between charges by harnessing renewable energy. GEM’s solar design integrates panels seamlessly with the vehicle and turns sunrays into miles with the latest solar EV technology. Maximize off-grid charging efficiency and sustainability with GEM.